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Special Water Europe, based in the Netherlands are experts in the field of environmentally
friendly water treatment.

Special Waters' product line, AquaFinesse for wellness is based on a completely different water care for hot tubs and pools. The technology of AquaFinesse has been proven as a revolutionary one, years ahead of its time and demonstrates consistent outstanding results.

Special Waters team has succeeded in addressing the real cause of bacterial pollution. The team developed a range of products to mitigate the so called bio film in an environmentally friendly way, which until now was only achievable by using harsh chemicals, with their well documented disadvantages such as toxic action to the environment and corrosion causing properties.

AquaFinesse products are not biocides and do not contain complicated organic compounds. They work simply by loosening the bio film (slimy layers) from their substrate, to keep your pool and hot tub clean. AquaFinesse products are to be used with traditional sanitizers according to the law. Many advantages will appear by reading all information or even better, to try our wellness products yourself.

Tests carried out on AquaFinesse show no toxic effect on macro fauna or fish. Special Water offers you environmentally friendly water care solutions.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the finest watertreatment products of AquaFinesse!




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