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Unlike traditional water care products, AquaFinesse softens your hottubwater and smoothes your skin without the harsh effects of chemicals.

It completely reconditions the water and equipment to eliminate the threat of contamination. As a result, there's less "killing" to do by biocides like chlorine or bromine, which means significantly less chemicals use in your water and less time spent on spa maintenance. We recommend to keep the free chlorine/bromine levels according to the law in your country. With AquaFinesse, soaking in your pool becomes a special experience for you, your family and friends.
Simply add AquaFinesse  to your water once a week, clean your filter and that's it!
Just one dose per week cleans and balances your water while eliminating greasy water lines, slimy surfaces, foaming, calcium and scale build-up and keeps the waterline clean.
You'll really appreciate having more time to relax and enjoy your pool in a safe, soft and crystal clear water environment.
Forget what you know about hot tub water care. Enjoy AquaFinesse!

Welcome to AquaFinesse and the best water experience of your life.



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