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C e este AquaFinesse?

AquaFinesse is a completely different form of spa disinfectant (or sanitizer) to chlorine or bromine. It sanitizes the spa water by removing the food source of bacteria so that they cannot grow and multiply. This food source is called ‘biofilm’ and is present on all the spa surfaces, jets and pipework. AquaFinesse also softens the water by breaking down and dissolving limescale build-up. AquaFinesse is a 2-stage process that comprises a liquid to destroy the biofilm, coagulate the bacteria and soften the water, combined with a low concentrate chlorine tablet to destroy the bacteria that has been transferred to the tub’s filter(s).
  How is AquaFinesse supplied?
AquaFinesse comes in a box that contains everything you need for up to 6 months of effective spa water treatment. The box contains 2 x 2 litre bottles of AquaFinesse solution, a graduated measuring cup, low concentrate chlorine tablets, slow release tablet dispenser and a set of instructions.
Can I use AquaFinesse in any spa - old or new?

AquaFinesse can be used in any spa, old or new, so long as it has an effective filtration system (removable/cleanable filters) and a means of providing water circulation through the filters for at least 4 hours a day. Can I use AquaFinesse in a spa with water that’s already got chlorine or bromine in it? If the spa has just been filled with water and ‘shocked’ then you can switch to AquaFinesse. For a spa that has had Chlorine or Bromine in it for a week or more then you must drain the spa first, refill it with fresh water before using AquaFinesse.
How do I use AquaFinesse?

After your hot tub has been filled with fresh water, shake the bottle and, using the measuring cup, pour the appropriate amount of AquaFinesse into the spa water leaving the jets on for at least 2 minutes to mix it in. You can use the spa right away since no shocking of the water is needed. A chlorine tablet is placed in the tablet dispenser and located in the vicinity of the filter basket.
What do the chlorine tablets do?

A chlorine tablet is used, in conjunction with the slow release dispenser to provide sufficient chlorine to kill the coagulated bacteria that has been transferred to the filter by the tub’s pumps. The amount of residual chlorine remaining in the spa when using this tablet is minute compared to traditional chlorine disinfection so it should not cause any unpleasant smells, dryness or bleaching effects.
Do I need to shock the spa water first?

No you don’t have to shock the water after you’ve filled the spa and before using AquaFinesse. If you have concerns about the quality of your mains water (i.e. it is from a spring or well) then you can shock it and then wait 12-24 hours for the Free Chlorine level to drop before using AquaFinesse. When using AquaFinesse, we do recommend fortnightly shocking/oxidizing of the water with a product such as spa clean as it destroys organic wastes, body fats and oils that the filter is unable to remove. It also helps keep the water crystal clear.
I’m using AquaFinesse and the spa water is dirty and cloudy – what am I doing wrong?

Nothing! In fact it’s a good sign because it means that AquaFinesse is getting to work and doing what we say it does by ‘conditioning’ the spa and its water.  If your spa is older than 6 months then there will be a significant build up of biofilm that will be removed by AquaFinesse and will be dissolved in the spa water.  Combine this with the limescale that is being removed by AquaFinesse as well and it is easy to see why, in the first week to 10 days of its use, the spa water will be very cloudy and discoloured which will need to be removed by the filters.  We call this process ‘conditioning’ of the spa and its water by AquaFinesse.   After this period the spa water should be crystal clear.
For newer spas with no significant biofilm build-up, then the conditioning process may just be a few days.
How often should I clean/change the filters in the spa?

AquaFinesse places a lot of emphasis on the filters doing their job properly during the first week to 10 days of its introduction into your spa. You can help this process by cleaning the filters daily and drying them before re-introducing them into the spa. After the initial conditioning period you should clean the filters weekly. Some spa owners purchase a second set of filters to rotate with the set that are being cleaned so that they don’t miss out on their tub sessions!
What’s the best way to clean the filters?

In your dishwasher with a proprietary filter cleaner poured into the soap dispenser. If you don’t have a dishwasher then soak the filter(s) in a cleaner with the filter cleaner and rinse off. Always dry the filters first before reinserting them in the tub.

How often do I pour AquaFinesse into the spa?

One measure per week. The chlorine tablet should be replaced in its dispenser as soon as it has dissolved (approximately 1 week to 10 days).
How often should I change the spa water?
Every 3 to 4 months.
Is it safe to drain the water onto the garden?
Yes, AquaFinesse is environmentally friendly so will not damage your garden plants etc.
What happens if I overdose the spa with AquaFinesse?
This can have a detrimental effect on the filters, which means a complete drain and refill of the spa and cleaning of the filters.
Can I use aromatherapy products with AquaFinesse?

Yes, so long as they are crystal based and not oil/liquid based. AquaFinesse Revolutionary Hot Tub Water Treatment - 1 pack contains 2 x 2 litre bottles, usage instructions, slow release dispenser and filter cleaning tablets. Each pack of AquaFinesse lasts 3-6 months, depending on the size of your spa. The table below shows how long one pack of AquaFinesse will last in your hot tub. If you work out how much you are currently spending on chemicals to treat your water we doubt that you'll find you are spending less than the cost of one pack of AquaFinesse. And if you're looking for an even better deal, contact us for our current price on 2 or more packs of AquaFinesse.



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