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With just one simple weekly treatment AquaFinesse Pool provides: Crystal clear, pure water. No more slimy walls or calcium deposits. Reduces the need for chemicals by up to 70%. Environmentally friendly. Works with all pools and all filter types.
  Anti-slip solution for slippery floors: AquaFinesse™ Floor Puck
Slips and trips, together with resulting falls, are the main cause of major injuries at work amounting to over 30% of the total, 50% of all reported accidents to members of the public are due to slips and trips. Costs to business can include civil damages, administration and insurance costs, lost production and absences from work; these cost employers about £300 million per year in the UK alone. Swimming pools, rest homes, resteraunt kitchens, factories, production sites and right throughout industry employers are bearing the brunt of these cost unnessesarily.
  Pool Bucket
The maintenance of swimming pool water can be complicated and difficult. Trying to Balance pH, alkalinity and chlorine content is a daunting task for most private swimming pool owners. Cloudy, unpleasant smelling water, deposits of dirt and grime are all common place and widely experienced.Technical problems which arise due to lime scale build up on your pools equipment such as the heating element can be costly and time consuming.



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