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Metode traditionale VS AquaFinesse

Metode traditionale VS AquaFinesse Zeci de ani sistemele pentru tratarea apei ne-au luat placerea de a avea o piscina proprie. Din pacate majoritatea proprietarilor de piscine s-au obisnuit cu miroasele neplacute si efectele negative associate acestor chimicale. Totusi multe persoane ies din piscine cu ochii inrositi, piele iritata, costume de baie decolorate si cu miroase indelungate a variatelor produse sanitare. Timpul pierdut cu reglarea calitatii apei din piscina, poate lua chiar o saptamana intreaga pe parcursul unui an!
With one simple weekly treatment AquaFinesse customers, enjoy the luxury of bathing in Pure, Clean, and Crystal Clear water without the need of time consuming, multiple daily measurements and high doses of harsh chemicals. The science behind the patented formula means that AquaFinesse gets to the real root of the bacterial problem removing slime, calcium and debris from deep within the piping and equipment of your spa.
The result is fresh, crystal clear water which is so gentle on your skin that you will actually feel the difference. Treat yourself to the most luxurious water imaginable AquaFinesse is Pure, Clean, Simple and approved by Mother Nature!



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